21.09 - 29.09.09

The new installation 'Unveil' of Célio Braga is highly associative, an assertion that goes far beyond its minimalist references. It is crammed with his existential and aesthetic focuses of interest, creating a web of unspoken formal and conceptual communication between work, artist, audience and surroundings.

Here an empty living room and two works of different registers of language prop each other as a composite body.
A sentence cut out from a photographic image of a skin hovers against its own hue glow. It is a unit of words shifted away from the flow of a fictional narrative* to a vacant surface.

Adjacent to this visual poetic utterance hangs a wide screen of paper loops made of endless medicine information leaflets collected from friends and acquaintances.
Its permeability allows the vision to cross or travel through but the access to the integral texts are blocked. Occasionally, amidst the graphic colored patterns we find a legible word or two providing tiny windows into the content of innumerable sheets of product-specific information.
This myriad of round bands form a patchwork of nondescript vestiges which attests to the absence of any subjective trace. Although anonymous, they have an indexical and intimate quality. It functions as a backdrop to a silent tableau of personal care, concerns and struggles.

Hercules Goulart Martins

*The Temptation of Saint Anthony (Flaubert)