29.01 - 20.02.10

Untitled, 2009. Pencil and oil pastel on paper. 42 x 59,9 cm


Alicja Bielawska’s drawings formulate and alter our perception of the private space we build around us. It motivates the viewer to re-examine the signs of one’s way to perceive space by means of drawings.
Three main subjects that could be recognized in her drawings are objects which recall a table, a tower and mountain like structures. The artist is intrigued by the construction of private space. She plays with the fact that our perception is often not in agreement with reality in terms of dimensions and scales.
In her drawings you can see that there is something about the elements and forms, they construct a world. It provides a shelter. This shelter can be hidden behind something, blocked by something or left open. The constructions provide an ‘inside’ but also have an ‘outside’ element; the mountain landscape, which is solid and monumental. It introduces the organic form into the constructed world. Organic and abstract shapes coexist in different configurations.
Reciprocity can be seen between the use of pencil, the direct but fragile strokes and the use of chalk, which gives the surface texture and depth.
In some of her drawings lines run from the constructions into space. But this is not an infinite space. The lines create a surrounding in which we can relate to the constructions.
Leonie Walstijn