07.05 - 03.07.10
Jasper Coppes, 1983 NL  |  Chris Holloran, 1987 UK  |  Harry Meadley, 1987 UK
Iona Smith, 1985 UK  |  Barbara Amalie Skovmand Thomsen, 1980 DK
and Dani
ël Dennis de Wit, 1982 NL
Curated by Alex Farrar


‘Demob Happy’ is a military term that describes the demobilisation of armed forces, and its effect on the behaviour of soldiers facing imminent release from combat-ready status.

Sudden redundancy notoriously leads to unpredictable and potentially dangerous behaviour, as a large body of people lose their prescribed motivations, regain their individuality, and/ or look for alternative purpose and direction. (The Great Wall of China being a well known solution to military unrest.)

Taken literally, Demob Happy could be used analogously to define the climate of post-history artists are arguably operating in. United under the umbrella of 'Contemporary Art', the historical anchors last dropped optimistically in the 80's (under such auspices as neo-conceptual art) are seemingly inappropriate, even blinkered in the plurality of the globalised art world.

Demob Happy takes the current multiplicity of artistic production as it's subject- not as the chaotic 'end of art', foretold by Baudrillard, or the threat that it poses to serious art discourse, but as legitimating individual structures of art making. Mobilising themselves through complex artistic practices, demob happy artists dig their own trenches, record their own histories and construct an idiolectical framework with which to situate their work independently from overarching cultural concerns.

Grabbing them at the crest of their careers, manifesting the excitable tension of soldiers facing personal choices, the artists chosen are spontaneous, optimistic, opportunistic makers. By simultaneously showing six responses to the intimate space, running contrary to the concentration of previous Teto Projects, the resulting exhibition will be a rowdy but purposeful conglomeration of works.

  Barbara Thomsen, Sugar Sun Honey Moon/Pt. 1 'Heart at Home' 2010  

Chris Holloran, Fancy Dress 2009 

Daniël Dennis de Wit, Synchronicity 2010

Harry Meadley, Contraband (3 of 24) 2010

 Iona Smith, Volcano 2010

 Jasper Coppes, Untitled (settlement) 2010