Apartment, Text #3
(mist, sun slightly shinning through)

The colour of the sky is totally white and even, and the apartment has a quietness about it, not from the lack of sounds but from the tone of colour. In one of the two white rooms a thick white opaque curtain covers the windows and the electrical light is on. The light gives the room a glow, despite the curtain in the room has a greenish haze, which shines into the room and mixes with the colour from the light bulb. In one spot between the curtain and the wall the light from outside comes in through this slim split and gives the wall a green-white colour. It is a pale and almost sick green, but can also be looked upon as a watery pistachio green colour. In the apartment you only find this particular colour next to that curtain. The most defiant shadows in the room are in the places where the light bulb light does not reach. In these shadows the colour is a thin light blue that amplifies when looked for a longer moment. The daylight enters with dim, slow and white colour filling the room. This room has a lot of peculiar white colours, but it makes no difference because the layer of unsharp dimness makes it all very soft and impossible to focus on any detail. The thin curtains covering the three big windows seem to hold a wash of aqueous calcium which also helps to give the room its milky atmosphere that smooths out everything and covers it with a hypnotizing laziness.  



Marble cake/continuities1; cake on the table with white table
cloth, 150x120x100 cm

Chair/continuities 2; colour pencils on paper, 120x155 cm

I think we have something in common /continuities 3; 
16 drawings, pencil on paper, 21x29cm

Apartment text 1,2,3/continuities 4; Shuffling texts shown via overhead projector 


2005-2008 Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL
2003-2005 Billedskolen of Bjørn Bråten, Copenhagen, Denmark

2010 KE10, Copenhagen, Denmark
2010 Welcome Home, site-specific installation, San Francisco, USA
2010 The Family Show, Outpost, Amsterdam, NL
2009 Construction Work, Alicja Bielawska; Barbara Amalie Skovmand Thomsen, Art'NPublic, Amsterdam, NL
2009 Graduation Show, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL
2009 Evil In The Old Church, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, NL
2008 You Are Invited, De Service garage, Amsterdam, NL

2010 Ice Cream Moment, simultaneously in 11 capitals in Europe
2010 Like My Mum, Outpost, Amsterdam, NL
2009 Disco Queen, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, NL
2008 Star Shots, The Heroines: Frédérique Olthuis; Susan Lanting, Winston Kingdom, Amsterdam, NL
2008 The Heroines A Long Time Ago... The Heroines, Sugar Factory, Amsterdam, NL
2008 She's My Heroine,The Heroines, Roode Bioscoop, Amsterdam, NL
2007 Sound Carpet, Alicja Bielawska; Kunji Baerwald, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL

2010 The Heroines Present Flesch Records, micro commercial, The Heroines, Amsterdam, NL
2010 Rainy Holidays, music video for the band Little Red Suitcase, Ayako Nishibori, Amsterdam, NL