A Casa Recebe _ TeTo Projects

30.08 - 09.09.12

Esmee Geerken and Lot Meijers present a work in 3 parts at Casa Tomada.  “This must be the place” deals with the experience of distance and direction. The physical location of Casa Tomada becomes the mental starting point for thoughts.
For the duration of the project, from the 30th of August till the 9th of September both artists will daily upload an image to the website of Casa Tomada. The image will be a photograph taken from their current location towards the direction of São Paulo. Exploring the limitations of perception and how the gaze can receive more than mere light reflected by the first opaque object in view.
A small installation at the front of Casa Tomada will enable the viewer to look in the direction of Amsterdam. At an announced moment (5th of September) the visitors in São Paulo are invited to look in this direction, while at the same moment the artists in Amsterdam are looking back. Sharing a moment in time and space, their gazes will cross at a point 2600 km from the surface of the Earth.