05.11 - 05.12.12

TeTo Projects in collaboration with W139 will present  Anarcademia project  which is a concept of Dora Longo Bahia.
From the 5th of November to the 2nd of December five young Brazilian artists and five from The Netherlands will get together for a month at W139 to exchange knowledge and practice.
From the forth and final week of November the project will be concomitantly executed at W139 and Kunstvlaai. Hence, a strong digital and physical bridge between these two platforms will be created, leading towards the culmination.
Throughout the course of this process Red Light Radio will be approached as medium and as a broadcasting agency. 
Anarcademia will be assisted by the artists and art teachers Dora Longo Bahia and Rutger Emmelkamp. Longo Bahia teaches at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado and Emmelkamp at Rietveld Academy.
The participating artists are Aline Weyel (DE), Emilia Bergmark (SE), Fernando Mira Borges (BR), Gabriela Felice Godoi (BR), Guilherme Conde Neumann (BR), Henrique Cesar de Oliveira (BR), Janaína Wagner (BR), Matthias Dolder (TH), Mila Lanfermeyer (NL), Ola Lanko (UKR).
Until the end of Anarcademia the participants will everyday present their reflections, references and experiments by means of individual or collective works which will overlap, erase or complete one another. These processual activities will be an event in itself.
The exhibition space will become a collaborative space, a hybrid of atelier, art gallery, living room, bar and movie theatre in order to emphasize the idea of art as celebration.
Moreover, it will question the exaggerated importance given to the art object and to the artist persona, establishing a reflection on the status of the contemporary art work and the value that is attributed to it as a result of traditional paradigms such as authorship, uniqueness, durability, etc.
As a further matter, Anarcademia presents itself as a place where discussions can become specific interventions, acts of risk that could bring to light the contradictions inlayed in the art making.
It configures itself as a transitory territory that through the investigation of the folds and fissures of the system can give rise to a critical and collective thought.